Individual actions matter too

Our team is unwilling to believe that “this” is the best we can do… We were founded in 2021 in response to increasingly polarized news, persistent myths and intentional misinformation that influence how people view the world, how they interact with others – all of which influences what they believe and, ultimately, their actions

We are building a platform designed to drive discussion across the spectrum of beliefs and perspectives. Our mission is to create a neutral and controlled platform and drive structured conversations that allow us share different perspectives, discuss issues from the basis of fact, sort through the nonsense, and look for opportunities to connect. We have seen that better communication, better understanding of the world around us, and a better understanding of others’ perspectives, drives better individual actions and leads to better overall outcomes for all of us.

In our first year, we were self-funded, and today we are seeking donations to continue building out our infrastructure, refine our messaging, increase our reach, and accelerate our mission. We need your help to drive the change we all need.