Actions Matter Too (actionsmattertoo.com) is a team of politically moderate voters who are frustrated with the polarization, anger, and division in the world today – and the resulting issues. Our team is unwilling to believe that “this” is the best we can do.

We were founded in 2021 in response to increasingly polarized news, persistent myths and intentional misinformation that influence how people view the world, how they interact with others, and how they behave. Their “Actions.”

In today’s world, many have uninformed or biased opinions. It is easy and convenient to subscribe to a “feed” (for example, CNN or FOX News) and exist in an echo chamber that reinforces a perspective, provides the talking points to support it, and makes supporters feel good by filtering current events to support it.

Many hide behind their “truth”, disregarding information that doesn’t align with their perspective, or invoke the “agree to disagree” to defense when someone gets close to upending their perspective with facts. And in this polarized world, it is easy for individuals and groups to hurl one-liners and insults in a conversation, put them on a sign, include a sound byte on social media or in “comments” following articles.

But, it is difficult to have meaningful, mutual, productive conversations that helps others understand your informed perspective and start closing the gap between polarized groups or groups with agendas in our society.

Actions Matter Too is designed to create and facilitate discussion on issues important to society today. The object is to share different perspectives, discuss issues from the basis of fact, sort through the nonsense, and look for opportunities to connect and drive better individual actions and better overall outcomes for all of us.

In our first year, we were self-funded. Today, we are seeking donations to refine our messaging, increase our reach, and accelerate our mission. Click here to help support our mission.